Unknown Neo Geo Prototype Game Appears at Midwest Gaming Classic

At the Midwest Gaming Classic convention in Brookfield, Wisconsin, Brian Hargrove (NeoTurfMasta) showed off an unreleased Neo Geo prototype fight game.

Hargrove purchased an unlabeled ROM from an online auction in Japan, and after some digging eventually found the data for an unfinished fighting game for the Neo Geo console.

The main feature of this fighting game was three stances players would choose from that would affect their abilities: lawful, chaotic, and neutral.

Boss character’s stages could be viewed, but actually fighting them is impossible as they don’t exist in a playable state. Some characters also have incomplete sprite work, hit boxes, and animations.

Currently the developer and actual name of the game remains a mystery, as there is no title screen present in the current ROM. However, Hargrove has released all of his work and findings on the Neo-Geo.com forums, where you can find a much more lengthy description of its contents and discovery.

Below is an image gallery from Hargrave’s findings, as well as a video of the character select screen.

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