Unreal Engine 4 PS4 Exclusive Without Memory Gets New Artwork, Info and an Official Website

Unreal Engine 4 PS4 Exclusive Without Memory Gets New Artwork, Info and an Official Website

We’ve reported in the past about the upcoming Unreal Engine 4-based PS4 exclusive Without Memory by Russian studio Dinosaurum Games. The developer finally opened an official website today, which can be reached here, even if it’s in Russian. An English version is planned for a future update.

The project, a “third person interactive thriller” openly inspired by Quantic Dream’s work, is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2016, and according to Dinosaurum Games it has left the concept phase and entered the active development phase a week ago. We also learn that that there won’t be any multiplayer.

Here’s a list of descriptive bullet points:

  • Modern realistic graphics and awesome facial animation. The quality of the game’s picture will be photorealistic.
  • A unique, exciting and interactive storyline with multiple endings.
  • Heartbreaking Scenes and investigations.
  • Extensive use of the DualShock 4.
  • Lots of puzzles and tasks during the game.

As we already knew, Without Memory will be divided in exploration of the world, interactive sequences with quicktime events (described as “modernized” and implemented in a way that hasn’t been done before) and branching dialogue, puzzles and sidequests. There will also be stealth segments, and whether the player will manage to remain undetected or not will influence the outcome of the plot.

The ability of the player to influence radically the course of events with his decisions in controlling the protagonist Anna is described as the main focus of the title.

We also learn that the studio, founded by Arkadiy Kulikov, Anton Slashchov, Dmitriy Tsyplakov, Denis Fomenko and Dmitriy Tkachuk now counts over 50 developers, most of which have experience on PC games. A motion capture studio with 50 Vicon cameras (Quantic Dream uses 64) will be used to create the game’s animation.

Below you can see a few new pieces of artwork released today, even if Dinosaurum Games specifies that those are just concepts, and do not represent the final graphics style of the game, which will be photorealistic. The first screenshots will be released in the Summer and the first teaser trailer will debut at GDC Europe in August.