Unseen64 Goes Behind-the-Scenes on Cancelled Games Based on Watchmen

Unseen64 Goes Behind-the-Scenes on Cancelled Games Based on Watchmen

When it comes to comics and graphic novels, few have had the same level of acclaim and reverence as Watchmen by Alan Moore, and when it comes to gaming numerous games have apparently come and gone in trying to bring the legendary book to life.

In a new video from YouTube channel Unseen64 (which regularly covers cancelled or unreleased games and gaming projects), the channel took a look at a series of games and projects tied into Watchmen that, ultimately, were cancelled and left by the wayside.

Many of these projects were tied in with the release of the film adaption of Watchmen by director Zack Snyder in 2009, with one video game adaptation getting released based on the movie called Watchmen: The End is Nigh – a two-part beat ’em up game.

However, Unseen64’s video also details other projects that didn’t see the light of day based on the graphic novel and movie, including an open-world styled game where players took on the role of Rorschach, and was to be made by several developers from The Mark of Kri. Another cancelled project included a “prequel” game that would have players go through historical events prior to what happened in the graphic novel/film.

For more on the history of these cancelled and unreleased projects tied to Watchmen, you can check out the full video from Unseen64 below: