Until Dawn Remake Possibly In Works As Per Rumors

February 13, 2022

If you are a fan of interactive games like the ones developed by Quantic Dream, you must have heard about Until Dawn.

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Until Dawn has been one of the most critically acclaimed games of the genre, and it seems like fans of the franchise are in for a surprise.

Until Dawn Remake Possibly In Works As Per Rumors

According to a popular leaker in the gaming industry who goes by the name of AccNgt, we might be getting an Until Dawn Remake game in the near future. The leak states that this project is being developed for current-gen consoles. It doesn’t clearly reveal whether it will be exclusive to current-gen consoles, but the way it has been phrased it seems less likely that the game will arrive on the PlayStation 4. Moreover, Until Dawn was released on the PlayStation 4 itself, it makes little sense for them to release a remaster on the same platform.


One might be a bit curious to learn about whether the game will be released on Xbox or PC as well. Well, most likely not. The developers, Supermassive Games, aren’t owned by Sony, so many would expect that the game will be coming to Xbox or PC as well. However, it is a bit more complicated than that. While Supermassive is not a Sony first-party studio, it should be noted that the Until Dawn IP is owned by Sony. That is, it will be Sony dictating the terms of the game, so an Xbox release looks more than far-fetched.

When it comes to a PC release, we could potentially see one, but the leaker doesn’t say anything about that. That being said, it’d make sense for them to release it on PC, considering not a lot of people would be willing to pick it up once again so soon. Whatever the case is, we should be learning more about it in the days to come.

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