Untitled Goose Game Developer House House Pays Income to Indigenous Groups

Australian indie developer pledges a minimum of 1% of their income to an indigenous group that previously owned the land.

On January 29, House House announced on Twitter that they will be paying at least 1% of their income to Indigenous Groups. The Melbourne-based Australian company developed the 2019 hit Untitled Goose Game; which received many nominations for indie game of the year.  The tweet can be seen below.

The Wurundjeri indigenous group inhabited current-day Melbourne, Australia where House House is located. Through the Pay the Rent movement–an Australian grassroots collective based in the Victoria region–House House is pledging a minimum of 1% of their income to the indigenous people who once owned much of Melbourne’s land.

Gaming is a progressive industry and it’s wonderful to see House House give back to the Wurundjeri people. The Pay the Rent website claims, “Pay the rent. Saying sorry isn’t enough” and following the success of Untitled Goose Game, this is clearly a positive move that House House can afford to make. It will be interesting to see if other developers follow suit. While the Pay the Rent collective is currently only active in Victoria Australia, much of the gaming industry resides upon previously native American land in California and in North America as a whole.

Josh Starr

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