Untitled Goose Game is Turned Into a PS1 Game in This Fan-Made Video

If Untitled Goose Game wasn't already charming enough, this fan-made video imagines what the game would look like in the era of the PS1.

With its release in September, Untitled Goose Game waddled its way into our hearts thanks to its charming gameplay and particularly mischievous game. While the game itself already was captivating in giving players the role of a chaotic goose, the lovingly-crafted game looks even more charming when it is demade for a different era of console.

A fan-made video by Miziziziz on YouTube imagines what the game would look like if it were made during the era of the original PlayStation. Though the video itself is short at only 12 seconds, it’s still an imaginative and faithful adaptation of both the original game and PS1 games in general; blocky, chunky, pixelated graphics included.

With its deceptively simple gameplay, it’s not too hard to imagine that Untitled Goose Game could have looked and played like if it were made for the PS1 twenty years ago, but Miziziziz helps make that even clearer in their wonderful video.

Aside from its PS1 demake, Untitled Goose Game has already been a phenomenon in the world of gaming thanks to its eclectic assortment of fan creations, mashups, and memes that capitalize on its quirky premise. In the past few months along we’ve had everything from The Last of Us and God of War fan art mashups, to Resident Evil 2 remake mod, to a Twitter account that is inserting the titular Untitled Goose into all of our favorite movies. Given how much that I loved the game myself, I am all here for the Internet’s wholesome Goose Content, and at this point I’ll take whatever I can get from it.

Untitled Goose Game is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac. According to developer House House, the studio is hoping to bring its untitled game about a goose to PS4 and Xbox One, along with a potential mobile version.

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