Untitled Goose Game Developer Calls on UK Voters to Vote Labour in General Election

Untitled Goose Game developer House House has tweeted, urging UK residents to vote for the Labour party in the upcoming general election.

By Ben Bayliss

December 6, 2019

“Stop injecting politics into your games!” has been something heard a lot over the past few years in online gaming discourse. Angry gamer people being unhappy that developers or journalists start talking about politics in some form of media, be that through social media or through articles. However, in the UK we have a general election coming up in which it basically seems as if it’s just Conservatives VS Labour. There are other parties in the running though, honestly.

The country is divided, with people calling for Boris Johnson, the Tory to take power. Others are calling for Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour side to take power. Boris is fumbling over his words in interviews about Brexit, while Corbyn is muttering while holding redacted government documents to use against the tories. Untitled Goose Game, the happy game about a goose frolicking through a country-dwelling village that seems similar to Emmerdale, has urged fans to vote Labour next week.

While the message hasn’t been honked in-game, it was honked over Twitter yesterday through the official House House Twitter account and reads. “if you’re in the UK, please, please, please go and vote for a Labour government on Dec 12th”

While a video game goose might seem a bit odd as a political messenger, the goose became a popular meme after its launch, it even made it to the People’s Vote March earlier this year. The Twitter account also has 39.1k followers and has dabbled in political talks somewhat in the past. Paolo Perdercini tweeted the account once asking to confirm if the characters in the game are tories.

The account tweeted back adding some additional lore to the game, saying that the goose had chased Margret Thatcher out of the office and this resulted in the decline of the Tory party. All characters are, as a result, Marxists. What a weird situation!

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Untitled Goose Game is available on PC and Nintendo Switch. While it’s not available on PS4 or Xbox One, the developers have expressed interest, and hints at a PS4 version have been noticed.

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