Upcoming EA Star Wars Games to be Inspired by Batman Arkham’s Approach

on March 24, 2014 4:21 PM

One of the things that made the Batman Arkham games work so well was how they took everything that made Batman a great character and used that to create a video game. The Dark Knight wasn’t just shoehorned into an existing genre; several genres were mixed together to create a game that was genuinely “Batman.” It seems that this is how EA will approach their upcoming Star Wars games according to┬áCEO Andrew Wilson.

These games, while retaining the spirit of the Star Wars franchise, will tell all new stories and also bring new things to the table as well. This is exactly what the Batman Arkham games did. They are inspired by the entirety of the Batman history but they also brought their own take to the franchise.

This is good news to hear and I hope that others who create games based on existing IPs will also take this approach as well. Perhaps if devs begin tailoring games to the strengths of a particular franchise and not trying to shoehorn them into a specific gaming genres we’ll get better results in the future.

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