Upcoming Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Update Could Incorporate Aspects from Single-Player Campaign

on February 4, 2013 7:48 AM

Datamining of a recent Mass Effect 3 title update has shed some light on what could be the game’s upcoming patch. Teased by both producers Mike Gamble and Casey Hudson, it has been hinted that the next major expansions for both the single and multiplayer campaigns are to be big ones.

Entitled, Reckoning, the new pack will supposedly integrate paragon/renegade ratio, game completion percentage, and Shepard’s reputation into each gamer’s multiplayer experience. A description unearthed within the files also promises, “six new never before seen co-op story missions to the game and new co-op gameplay modes…four new maps to conquer and hazard variations of the Earth maps.”

Hopefully we will be able to hear about both updates soon.

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