Upcoming Medal of Honor Infuriates Military Families

With the new Medal of Honor coming out in about mid-October, there is some controversy arising regarding the game’s settings and plot being set on the war in the middle-east, Afghanistan to be exact. With this new Medal of Honor, players will be able to play Taliban soldiers going against the Coalition troops in Afghanistan. It’s only natural that the families of those who have died during the real-life war be angry that EA would come out with such a game.

Karen Meredith, the mother of a fallen US soldier said,

“Right now we’re going into a really, really bad time in Afghanistan and we’ve just come off of the worst month of casualties in the whole war and this game is going to be released in October…So, families who are burying their children are going to be seeing this and playing this game. My son didn’t get to start over when he was killed. His life is over, and I have to deal with this every day…it’s just not a game.”

EA is trying to defend their game, especially in the multiplayer department, stating,

“In the multiplayer set-up, soldiers are fighting against the Taliban much like Allies fight Nazis in WWII shooter games. In Medal of Honour multiplayer, we give gamers the opportunity to play both sides”

With the game’s release about 6 weeks away, it makes you wonder how EA will avoid was is bound to become a PR nightmare. One can only hope that the Jack Thompson or Bill Oreilly’s of the world don’t get a hold of this. What do you think about the new Medal of Honor? Is it just too real and too soon? Let us know in the comments section!

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