Upcoming Monster Hunter Film Removed from Chinese Cinemas

Upcoming Monster Hunter Film Removed from Chinese Cinemas

Director Paul W.S. Anderson's Monster Hunter film has been removed from Chinese cinemas due to a line that's been considered offensive.

In a report from CNN Business, director Paul W.S Anderson’s upcoming Monster Hunter film has been removed from Chinese theaters due to a line that’s considered offensive.

The line of dialogue in question comes from the character played by Chinese-American actor Jin Au-Yeung who says “what kind of knees are these? Chinese.” This lead to backlash from Chinese audiences on social media. As Twitter user Daniel Ahmad points out, the dialogue in question references an old racist phrase.

“There was absolutely no intent to discriminate, insult or otherwise offend anyone of Chinese heritage,” said in a statement from Constantin Film. “Constantin Film has listened to the concerns expressed by Chinese audiences and removed the line that has led to this inadvertent misunderstanding.”

It’s unclear if this line will be adjusted or edited for Chinese theaters. In a statement released this past Saturday, Xinjiekou International Cinema, a Chinese theater chain, said they’d stop playing the movie and refund any ticket sales. As CNN also points out in their article, tickets aren’t available on Taopiaopiao and Maoyan, two of the largest Chinese movie ticketing apps.

“After hearing everyone’s feedback about the movie, we have collected your opinions and have relayed them to the relevant companies,” said Capcom Asia in a statement. “Capcom has always been devoted to providing good quality games to players and we hope not to disappoint you in the future.”

Over the past couple years, China has become a major market for movie studios to release films in. As a report from The Guardian points out, American movies made $2.6 billion dollars in China alone. Additionally, they point out how Chinese censorship has been a major factor in some American movies making it to China.

The Monster Hunter film is supposed to release in American theaters on December 18. The film stars Mila Jovovich, Tony Jaa, T.I, and Ron Perlman. It’s written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and distributed by Sony Pictures.