Upcoming XBLA Feature “Arcade Next” Packed With Some Highly Anticipated Games

on March 22, 2012 2:00 PM

The current XBLA promotion “House Party” is nearly over and with the annual “Summer of Arcade” a ways off Microsoft has decided to put out a new promotion in the spring called “Arcade NEXT” and it includes some very huge names coming to the marketplace, one of which is sequel to what might be the single greatest game on the Xbox Live Arcade: Trials HD.

That’s right kids, kicking off the event on April 18th is Trials Evolution followed by Bloodforge and Fable Heroes, with the Xbox 360 port of a small little indie game rounding things out. You might have heard of it…Minecraft. All of these games will include the new 400 point achievement ceiling. Check after the break for a release schedule and price details. 

  • April 18th: Trials Evolution (1200 Microsoft Points / $15)
  • April 25th: Bloodforge (1200 Microsoft Points / $15)
  • May 2nd: Fable Heroes (800 Microsoft Points / $10)
  • May 9th: Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (1600 Microsoft Points / $20)
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