Update on That Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning DLC

on January 31, 2012 10:15 AM

Final Fantasy XIII-2 comes out today, and to celebrate Square Enix has released more information on that Lightning Colosseum battle DLC.

Split into two parts, the battle begins with players pitting Serah and Noel against Lightning in her Final Fantasy XIII outfit. Halfway through, Lieutenant Amoda of the Guardian Corps — you may or may not remember him from a random cutscene in XIII — will join the fight and aid Lightning. Winning the battle results in Lightning joining your party, specializing in the Ravager paradigm and completely derailing the game’s plot.

Screenshots of Lightning and Amoda, the latter with his own ridiculously huge gunblade, after the cut. Lightning’s battle will be available on February 7th in Japan for ¥300/240 MSP.  There is no word yet on a North American release.

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