**UPDATE** Rumor: PS+ Will Cover Your DC Universe Online Fee

**UPDATE** Rumor: PS+ Will Cover Your DC Universe Online Fee


Word is coming in from a live feed at Newsarama that Sony Online Entertainment has just dropped a bomb on the potential MMO gaming world of PS3. Apparently if you are a member of PlayStation Plus Newsarama is reporting that you will not be paying any monthly fee for the beat-em-up massive online multi-player title DC Universe Online which was nominated for a Best in Show award by DualShockers at E3 2010 (see here). Could it be that Sony Online Entertainment will be making this a standard practice for their MMO titles as suggested by our previous editorial on the matter? Or are they merely referencing a 30-day free trial?

This is currently unconfirmed news and you are going to want to reserve getting your hopes completely up just yet, but believe that we will be following up on this hot rumor as soon as possible to bring the gaming public some clarification and details to this offering, if it is indeed the real deal. As always, keep it locked to DualShockers for all of your late-breaking, unbiased gaming news and reviews.

[Newsarama] (Thanks to [NerdsOnTheRocks] for the tip)

**UPDATE**: DualShockers contacted Sony Online Entertainment directly for official word and the answer is that this information is absolutely false. However, DualShockers was able to confirm some other rather interesting information regarding PS+ and DCUO… Click here to find out that new information.