Here’s How You Can Upgrade Select PS4 Games to Their PS5 Version

Here’s How You Can Upgrade Select PS4 Games to Their PS5 Version

Upgrading your PS4 games to their PS5 counterparts will be much simpler than, say, switching the console from vertical to horizontal

Along with a post detailing the massive list of PS4 games that will be backward compatible with the PS5, Sony has released details on how players can upgrade their current-gen titles to their high-fidelity next-gen versions. Not all games will be eligible for upgrades, however, and a list of games that can be upgraded has not been made available.

Not all games will be free to upgrade either. According to the PlayStation support page detailing how to upgrade games, “Depending on the game, this upgrade may occur at no additional cost, may require a purchase, and may be available for a limited time.”

Upgrades are split into two different categories – upgrades from disks and upgrades from digital versions. The first thing you need for either is a PlayStation account, although the similarities end there. If you’re upgrading a game you own physically, you will have to put the disk in your PS5 first, go to the game’s hub, and select the upgrade offer that should appear there. After this selection, you’ll be downloading (or purchase at a discounted price) the upgraded version of your game. There is one hitch though, you’ll need to keep the disk inserted whenever you’re playing a game upgraded like this.

Upgrading digitally purchased games is a much more straightforward process. You’ll simply have to find the game in the PlayStation Store and go to its game hub. From there, you’ll find an upgrade offer and go through the same final steps as if you were upgrading a disk.

Sony will be launching the PS5 on November 12.