Upgraded Nintendo Switch, Major Games Planned For 2021 According to Bloomberg

Upgraded Nintendo Switch, Major Games Planned For 2021 According to Bloomberg

Upgraded Nintendo Switch would be accompanied by or followed with major game releases from both the cards game manufacturer itself and outside studios.

Bloomberg Tech Reporter Takashi Mochizuki reported Nintendo is planning the release of an upgraded Nintendo Switch in 2021. The release of this upgraded Nintendo Switch model would either be synchronized or followed by new major game releases.

The sources told Bloomberg that the technical specifications of this new Switch model aren’t finalized yet. Moreover, those new major games will include both releases for normal people who like short game sessions and game otaku. These games will be both from the Hanafuda cards maker itself and outside studios.

Bloomberg also mentioned the sources claimed this focus on 2021 is why Nintendo has been relatively quieter in 2020, and that manufacturing partners aren’t expected to start assembling the upgraded Switch model until 2021. As they’re still busy with making the current Nintendo Switch (Lite) models.

On Twitter, Takashi Mochizuki stressed out his story says Nintendo has “looked into including more computing power and 4K high-definition graphics”. Not that this new Switch model will definitely include such specs.

Economic Daily News, based on Taiwan, also reported a new Nintendo Switch model is on the way.

Besides its mainstream blockbusters like Doubutsu no Mori, the Nintendo Switch is also the new refuge of many ADV, Galge, Otome Games and other niche genres who used to be on PlayStation Vita. Personally speaking, the current Nintendo Switch is perfectly fine for me who enjoys these Japanese games no one cares about (though I never have the time to play them). With that said, I’m definitely curious as to what this new Nintendo Switch model will look like. And I hope these major games in 2021 will include releases such as the Zelda Breath of The Wild sequel.

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