Uphold the Law With Sleeping Dogs’ New Law Enforcer Pack DLC

on February 11, 2013 4:20 PM


To give Wei Shen an upper hand at reinforcing the law in Sleeping Dogs, a new “Law Enforcer Pack” is coming to gamers that gives him two new outfits, a new weapon, and five police vehicles.

The Sleeping Dogs DLC includes:

  • SWAT Tactical Uniform (50% damage reduction)
  • Crime Scene Investigator (Double Cop XP earned, but no Triad XP earned; Police Retractable Baton)
  • SDU Armored Truck
  • HKPD Cruiser
  • HKPD Motorcycle
  • HKPD Van
  • HKPD Silver SUV

The pack will be available on the North American Playstation Network and Xbox LIVE tomorrow, Feb 12th, for $1.99 and 160 MSP respectively; it’ll be available on the European Playstation Network on Wednesday, the 13th, for €1.49 / £1.19; and it’ll be available on Steam on Wednesday as well for $1.99 / €1.49 / £1.19.

You can see the screenshots below; for more news, stay tuned to DualShockers.com.

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