Urban Empire Receives an Interesting Launch Trailer

Urban Empire Receives an Interesting Launch Trailer

Reborn Games and Kalypso Media released a launch trailer for Urban Empire today.

In Urban Empire, players assume the role of mayor, and must found a new city in the fictional country of Swarelia. There are four distinct families for players to select from, and each family brings their own values, talents, and specializations to the table. Players must make it through 200 years of history (1820s-Present),while trying to stay in power.

Reborn Games and Kalypso Media also released a list of some of the game’s features:

  • City Ruler, not City Builder: Urban Empire offers a unique combination of classic city building and political management gameplay. Take on the role of a mayor, be a political mastermind and prove your skills by prevailing against opposing parties and guiding your city through technological evolutions and ideological revolutions.
  • Choose from 4 ruling families with 5 characters each, like the equal rights and social justice advocates the Kilgannons, or the Sant’Elias, who focus on scientific progress and the pursuit of knowledge.
  • Create and manage city districts on a large scale and fulfil your citizens’ needs – such as happiness, safety, and public services.
  • Introduce new ideas and technologies, like the electric tram, antibiotics or video games and use your power to convince the city council of your political agenda.
  • Up to 1000 dynamic events represent the twists and turns of urban life: make and influence decisions on issues such as women’s rights, the hippie movement, and child labor.

You can watch the trailer below. Urban Empire is available now on PC.