Use Alternate Strategies to Your Advantage in New Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII Trailers and Screenshots

on June 23, 2016 6:34 PM

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII‘s main attraction is the combat, but there are other ways to play as well such as the Civic Development system and the Bond system.

The Civic Development system allows the development of Commerce, Farming and Culture, which give various boosts to the army in both strength and loyalty. Economic and development decisions made are then presented to the Officers, prompting them to share their views, and point out the merits and faults of a given strategy before the player makes a final decision.

A Relationship Chart rates the cadence of the player’s relations with historic figures, indicating whether the relationship is positive or negative. Maintaining a strong network is fundamental to receiving aid in tight situations, particularly when summoned by the higher lords.

During these moments these connections are also able to fight for the player’s cause and help turn the tide of battle in their favor. Furthermore, a player’s relationship with a given lord can lend credibility during Debates to convince lords to act in certain ways. Winning a Debate can lead to forming alliances with other leaders, with the length of it depending on strength of a given Bond.

Check out the two trailers showcasing the systems, the overview trailer and a gallery of over 70 images of the game.

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