Use Battle Field 1943 Weapons in Bad Company 2?!

Use Battle Field 1943 Weapons in Bad Company 2?!

According to a recent Twitter feed, it looks as though gamers will be able to use their old school Battlefield 1943 weapons in the upcoming Bad Company 2 title.

This is the quote off the official Twitter page:

“Think you’re a Bad Ass with BF1943 weapons? What if I said you’ll be able to use your Semi-Auto Rifle, Sniper Rifle, or SMG in BFBC2!”

My response would have to be, big deal! Why would I want to use older, under powered weapons in a new title? Would I really want to bring a knife to a gunfight? It may be cool just to say you used them or if there was some type of linked achievement in getting a certain amount of kills with these weapons, which is what many are hoping. The rumors have begun to fly about a possible linkage aside from just using older weapons, but at this stage it is just wishful thinking and many have even scoffed saying that EA may charge for gamers to use them.

[Via Official BF1943 Twitter]