User Tries to Get Malfunctioning Xbox One Replaced, Gets Call at 1 AM and Long Waits; Shows Problem on Video

User Tries to Get Malfunctioning Xbox One Replaced, Gets Call at 1 AM and Long Waits; Shows Problem on Video

Dealing with customer support is rarely a pleasant experience (and that often works both ways, mind you), especially in periods of high traffic like the launch of a new console.

Today NeoGaf user Grendelrt shared the tale of his attempt to get his malfunctioning Xbox One replaced, made of several hours of waiting, calls at 1 AM and attempts to give him a standard replacement (for which he’d need to ship his defective unit back before receiving a new one) instead of the announced advance exchange program.

So I got my Xbox One from Amazon yesterday, as soon as I booted it up it started making clicking and grinding sounds. Here is an example of the sound, at 11 seconds when I exit KI . So first I call amazon and am told they have no day one editions and if I am having a hardware problem I should call Microsoft. 

I go to the xbox support website and the only option is to wait for a online chat associate. I end up waiting over 2 hours for my turn and get someone. He asks questions about the system and determines I need a replacement. At this point he sets up the replacement and says I need to ship the system out first, I tell him no I want the advance exchange program, the same program MS is saying they are using for broken xbox one consoles. He says sure and then tells me that it needs to be done over the phone and they would call me in 1 to 2 hours because they are slammed. I say sure, it would have been around 11 or so oclock and I would be up then anyways. 

Fast forward to 1AM and I get a phone call, I actually answer the call bewildered they would call me that late. The guy announces himself and asks my issue, before I get two words out he puts me on hold and then transfers me to some random location. It ends up being network support, where I am put on hold for 20 min and no one ever comes back, so around 130 am I hang up.

I get up this morning and the request system is up and I request a call from MS support, it take about 4 hours and they call me back. I go through the explanation with him and then am told that the other associate put in my request as a standard exchange and i have to ship the system out first and wait (prob 2 weeks) for a replacement. I tell him no this isn’t acceptable and he looks into cancelling my standard request to be given a advance exchange request, but they may not have any of those so I may have no choice. Fast forward an hour later on hold, with him coming back every couple min to tell me to keep waiting. Finally he comes back and says they are working on it and will call me back and takes my number. That was an hour or so ago and I havent received a call. 

So I am still sitting here with a half dead Xbox One, wasted half my weekend, been woken up at 1am, and still have no resolution to my issue. All this for a simple system exchange. 

From Grendelrt’s frustrating experience we can draw a few conclusions: first of all, Microsoft’s support centers are very busy at the moment, which is quite normal for the launch of a new console, so if you’re having problems redeeming a code or a similar trivial issue, you may want to wait a few days before calling.

Secondly, if you have a faulty console and you get offered the standard return service that would force you to ship it back before getting a replacement, you should definitely demand the advance exchange program like Grendelrt did.

Thirdly, at the very least we can say that Microsoft’s support employees are doing what they can to get the issues solved, and working around the clock. If you are between the unfortunate gamers experiencing an issue and have to call support, be nice to them.

They’re there to help and the problems you’re experiencing (both with the console and with customer support itself) aren’t really the fault of the rep you’re talking with.

Below you can see a video showing Grendelrt’s issue with the console.