Users Experiencing Issues with Digital Pre-Orders of Until Dawn; Sony “Investigating the Issue”

Users Experiencing Issues with Digital Pre-Orders of Until Dawn; Sony “Investigating the Issue”

After a long wait, Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn has finally launched for PS4 and for the most part, the game has been met with very positive reception from critics and audiences – however, those that pre-ordered the interactive horror title have been experiencing a slight hitch with being able to jump into the frightfest.

Numerous users have been reporting issues with digital pre-orders of Until Dawn experiencing a problem where the game is unplayable, with its countdown clock noting that the game would be playable in 128 days.

Posting in a thread on the PlayStation Forums, employees with Sony have assured users that the company “is investigating the issue” for those experiencing problems with their digital pre-orders of Until Dawn.

A later post by a PlayStation Support team member did provide a possible workaround for those having issues, though its success rate seems to be mixed with some users in the thread posting it does work, while others saying it doesn’t:

 1. Navigate to the item on the PlayStation Store
2. Purchase the free version of Until Dawn (or if you have that already, another free game/item such as Singstar)
3. Download the file to your system (if the file is already downloaded and installed, please skip this step and move to step 4)
4. Use the Restore Licenses option by navigating to Settings >> PlayStation(tm)Network/Account Management >> Restore Licenses
5. Attempt to boot the game. If the game still does not boot at this point, delete the file, re-download and repeat step 4.

Regardless, Sony will continue to search for a solution for those reporting issues with playing Until Dawn, whether it’s a more firm workaround or an update for the game – stay tuned for more updates as news develops.

Until Dawn is available now for PS4.