Vaccine Receives Release Date Announced For Nintendo Switch

Vaccine Receives Release Date Announced For Nintendo Switch

Survival horror title Vaccine is being released next week on the Nintendo eShop.

Developer Rainy Frog has announced on July 6, 2017 that the survival horror title Vaccine will be coming to Nintendo Switch in North America, Europe and Australia. Vaccine originally released on multiple platforms earlier this year and is now making its way to Nintendo Switch with only a week away from release.

The premise for the game is that you are tasked to find a vaccine for your infected friend before the time runs out. However, your friend will relapse sooner or later if you are not quick enough and then you will have to find a new vaccine in a randomly rebuilt house. Speed, but also gaining the right ingredients, is crucial as you explore each estate to save your friend once and for all.

Vaccine is a new approach on survival horror titles and it is inspired by those of the 90’s. You will be able to gain experience points from different actions and use them on the skills you think will be more beneficial, bringing a more tactical approach compared to the games it takes inspiration from.

There are a few parties involved here. Rainy Night Creations is the original developer, and Ratalaika Games is handling the Switch port. Rainy Frog will still be publishing Vaccine in Japan and America. Regardless, we are looking forward to trying to save our friends when it launches next week.