Valfaris is Set to Get Even Deadly With Latest Full Metal Mode

Valfaris is Set to Get Even Deadly With Latest Full Metal Mode

Valfaris gets a devastating New Game+ mode in the "Full Metal Mode" update. The heavy metal-infused action-platformer is about to get even more metal.

Valfaris launched this October to critical acclaim on PC. The team at Big Sugar then brought their heavy metal-infused action-platformer to consoles in November. While it wasn’t as successful critically there, it’s still a great time for fans of old-school 2D action-platformers. Now, the team is making the game even more metal by dropping a tough as nails new mode for veteran players to bang their heads against. Check out the trailer below.

The Full Metal Mode update is free to all Valfaris players on PC. The update is completely focused on the game’s brand-new New Game+ variant that takes that difficulty slider and pumps it through the roof. If you’re looking for a game to truly test your mettle (metal?) this holiday, Valfaris might be for you.

The new mode lets you bring all of your weapons, upgrades, and upgrade items over to a new run. And you’re going to need your full arsenal as New Game+ increases the enemies’ health, attack, and aggression. Of course, bosses see the same stat boosts, making them devastating tests of skill. Plus, they’ll have new attack patterns, upping the challenge even more. You’ll have a few new toys to play with as well. Big Sugar is giving players access to the new Destroyer class weapon.

Valfaris is a great throw-back to old-school action-platformers that features thumping heavy metal music. The Full Metal Mode update is out now on PC and will come to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One early next year.