Heavy Metal 2D Platformer Valfaris Gets a Limited Time Pre-Alpha Demo

Heavy Metal 2D Platformer Valfaris Gets a Limited Time Pre-Alpha Demo

You've only got until the end of 2018 to try the pre-alpha demo for Valfaris.

Developer Steel Mantis has announced that the upcoming heavy metal 2D Platformer Valfaris will be getting a demo, but only for a limited time. Once the time has passed it’s deleted from Steam.

The pre-alpha demo will begin today on December 14 and will be playable until December 31. After that date, the pre-alpha demo will then be deleted from Steam. The game is also set to be published by Digital Uppercut who are also behind Unto the Endanother 2D platformer.

Valfaris sends players to a sci-fi world in which the titular fortress suddenly reappears after mysteriously vanishing. Its arrival finds the fortress in the orbit of a dying sun and containing an ever-growing darkness inside of it. Players take control of Therion, a fearless protagonist from Valfaris who returns home to discover the truth behind its fate and destroy the evil that lurks inside.

The game will find you exploring tainted environments while brutally mutilating enemies as you trawl through both standard enemies and bosses. Valfaris’ pixel-art is handcrafted by Andrew Gilmour, and the soundtrack consists of music by former Celtic Frost guitarist, Curt Victor Bryant.

The pre-alpha demo will allow you to try out the opening stage of Valfaris and find you battling against a plethora of enemies and try out Therion’s weapons and mechanics. It will be playable with either a keyboard or a controller.

We’ve already seen the title announced back in 2017, and earlier this year learned that Valfaris is due to launch next year. You can check out the official Steam store page right here.

Valfaris will be launching sometime in 2019 and will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.