Valhalla Knights 3 Gold Gets Screens on Two New Facilities: “Erotica Heaven” And “Hell’s High”

on January 23, 2014 3:27 PM

Valhalla Knights 3 Gold gets a batch of screens today to go along with news of two new facilities for Carceron Prison: one called “Erotica Heaven” and the other titled “Hell’s High.”

Erotica Heaven is a healing facility located in the Light District of the castle that restores weary travelers’ body and spirit. When you engage in the “Sacred Ritual” (really the sexy-minigame) with a hostess, your goal is to increase their spirit gauge as much as possible. That gauge is then used to strengthen your armor and may even teach you a new skill. You can also take bathes with the staff and converse with them as well.

Hell’s High is located in the slums part of the castle but instead of healing, its specialty is punishment. Your character is taken to a “Special Training Room” (read: Torture Room) and undergoes three levels of pain: whip torture, gel torture and the “Oath of Obedience.” If you survive that, you may learn a new skill.

A new hostess for each new facility has been announced as well. We have Diva the Fallen Angel from Erotica High:

Valhalla Knights 3 Gold (5)

And Noble Queen Rana from Hell’s High:

Valhalla Knights 3 Gold (6)More screenshots from the game can be viewed below. And if you’re interested in how the original game plays, check out my review here.

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