Valheim Artisan Table – Here’s How to Build It

Valheim Artisan Table – Here’s How to Build It

If you need to unlock high-tier structures, you need to have an Artisan Table.

Keeping up your great journey in the world of Valheim, you might face some new requirements as you step into the higher levels of the game. The Valheim Artisan Table structure is one of the important placeable items in the game that will unlock some other high-tier and useful structures in the game. Here’s how to build the Artisan Table:

Step 1 – Summon and Kill Moder

First of all, you will need to summon the boss of Mountain and kill her. Moder, a big black dragon, is summoned by collecting three dragon eggs and placing them on a sacrificial altar in the mountain. You will find a circular structure which is the altar, and once you enter, you will spot three bowls to place the dragon eggs.

After summoning the black dragon, you will need to kill her, but be aware that this is going to be a bloody fight. Moder uses both flying and ground stances to eliminate you. While flying, you should avoid her explosive projectiles, and while on the ground, you should stay out of her attacking zone when she attempts to hurt you with her claws.

Step 2 – Collect the Dragon Tear and Other Resources

Once you killed Moder, make sure to loot her Dragon Tear as it is a vital specie for building the Valheim Artisan Table. Once you get the Tear item, collecting the other resources for building the table wouldn’t be a problem for you.

After building the Artisan Table, you will have access to some new structures including Blast Furnace, which is an upgraded version of Smelter for rare ores.

Valheim is currently one of the most trending indie games in the world with over one million copies sold in a week after launch. The game has achieved an incredible success on Steam, despite being on the Early Access phase. Thanks to its vast open-world map with a lot of mysteries to discover, many survival games fans are enjoying the time they are spending with Valheim. The game has no official release date for the full version yet.

Valheim is only available through Steam on PC.