Valheim Comfort Level Guide - What Does Comfort Level Mean?

It might not be important to you, but your character needs to rest comfortably in Valheim.

February 22, 2021

When it comes to survival and simulation games, developers need to implement some interesting details in the gameplay system to make players feel the challenges of a dangerous life in the wilderness. In the real-life, resting or staying comfortable is a key to happiness. Valheim tends to be a realistic survival adventure, and it represents this reality in the gameplay rather than the visuals. So, here is where the Valheim Comfort level comes in, an important parameter in the game that shows you how happy and motivated your character is.

Minimum Comfort Level:

The first level of the Valheim Comfort level is reached when you build the most basic shelter or yourself. Having a simple roof and setting up a fire will provide you a comfortable zone. However, you can upgrade your base with certain items and increase your level of Comfort when you are in home. The higher your Comfort level is, the more Rested time you will receive. You cannot reach the maximum level of comfort without enough progression in the game.


Comfort Level 9:

After beating the first boss of the game, you will be able to upgrade your comfort level up to 9. This will require you to have roof, bed, table, fire, chair, banner, and deer rug. Note that all these items should be placed close to each other – in a five-block radius – to grant you the desired comfort level.

Maximum Comfort Level:

If you still feel you need to achieve a higher level of comfort, then you should think of adding Dragon Bed, Raven Throne, Hearth, Wolf rug, Lox rug, and Brazier to the list above. Having all these items in a close range will grant you Comfort level of 17, which is the maximum level for the time being.

Valheim is now available on PC as an early access game. The game has sold nearly 3 million units so far.

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