Valheim Harpoon Guide – How to Mine Chitin And Get Abyssal Harpoon

Valheim Harpoon Guide – How to Mine Chitin And Get Abyssal Harpoon

Harpoon - The Ocean's Wrath is one of the Valheim spears that players wouldn't mind to have in the inventory.

Since its launch back on February 2, Valheim has been getting popular day after day. As an open-world survival game with a lot of crafting elements and discovery opportunities, people are digging more and more into the world of Valheim lately. If you are already a player of Valheim, you probably know about the Valheim Harpoon spear, but if you don’t how to get it, let us guide you on that.

Step 1 – Get Some Chitin

Before starting to craft Abyssal Harpoon, you need to collect enough Chitin to unlock the weapon. This is the biggest and most important part of crafting the spear. Chitins are some rare species that you can get by mining Abyssal Barnacle, which can be found on the back of big Sea Turtles in the ocean. The first thing you need to do is to build a boat for yourself and start searching the ocean for floating tiny islands, which are in fact big sea turtles.

Abyssal Barnacles can be found in groups of three, stick together, have outer shells and an inner crust-like thing. Once you started mining them, you will notice that the turtle shaking, which means you need to hurry up or the turtle will go underwater and you can no longer mine Chitins. An easy way to find floating turtles is to explore the southern oceans of the Eikthyr as there are several sea turtles in there.

Step 2 – Get the Other Requirements

Once you collected 30 Chitins, the Valheim Harpoon weapon will be available to craft, which means you need to get 8 Fine Woods and 3 Leather Scraps to create your own Harpoon in the workbench. Be aware that your workbench should be upgraded to Level 4 or beyond to let you craft the spear.

Valheim is now available on Steam as an early-access game. The release date for the full version of the game is yet to be revealed.