Valheim Karve Guide – How to Build and Upgrade the Raft

Valheim Karve Guide – How to Build and Upgrade the Raft

Here's how you can get the Karve in Valheim.

Valheim is currently taking the world by storm. Iron Gate’s Viking RPG is on Steam via early access and is already attracting a huge player base. The game offers players the ability to collect a range of materials that can be crafted into a bunch of useful items. One set of these items players can craft is boats. There are a total of three types of boats in Valheim, the Raft, Karve and Longboat. In this guide, we’re going to be looking at how you can get yourself the Valheim Karve.

Step 1. Get yourself a Raft

In order to get yourself a Karve, you will first need a raft. To build the Raft, players need to take 20x Wood, 6x Leather Scraps and 10x Resin to a workbench. Players can then pull out the hammer, select the raft and place it in the water.

Step 2. Gather materials for the Valheim Karve

To upgrade the Raft to the Karve, players will need 30x Fine Wood, 10x Deer Hide, 20x Resin and 80x Bronze Nails. But where can you find these items?

Fine Wood: This material can be gained by chopping down Birch and Oak trees in the meadows or by looting shipwrecks on the coast of the Black Forest.
Deer Hide: Deer Hide can either be dropped by Deer or be found in chests in the Meadows or Black Forest.
Resin: Can be gained by defeating Greydwarf enemies. These are most commonly found in the Black Forest.
Bronze Nails: Nails can be crafted at the forge. 20 Nails can be made from one Bronze ingot. Bronze itself can be forged by crafting two copper with one tin.

Step 3. Craft the Valheim Karve

After gathering the materials, players can now craft the upgraded Raft in Valheim. This can be down in a similar way to creating the Raft. Find a workbench, take out the hammer, select the Karve and place it in the water. It’s as simple as that.

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