Valheim Lox Cape – How to Find and Craft This Useful Item

Valheim Lox Cape – How to Find and Craft This Useful Item

Here's how you can craft the Lox Cape in Valheim.

If you’ve not heard of it yet, Valheim is the latest game to take the world by storm. It’s a Viking-based RPG by developers Iron Gate and is available on Steam via early access. Players can live out their Viking fantasies as they collect a range of crafting materials, fight a bunch of enemies and explore a vast procedurally generated world. There is a variety of items that are sought after within the game, one of which is the Lox Cape. In this guide, we’re going to be looking at how you can get yourself the Valheim Lox Cape.

What is the Valheim Lox Cape?

The Valheim Lox Cape is described in the game as “A pelt from one of the great bests, thick and warm.” It allows players to roam the colder regions without taking any cold damage. Of the ways to avoid frost damage, the Lox Cape is probably the cheapest.

What items do you need to craft the Valheim Lox Cape?

The first items required to craft the Lox Cape are six Lox Pelts. These items are dropped from Lox in the Plains area of Valheim. Lox are giant creatures that look like a cross between a bison and a hedgehog, and caution is advised when trying to take them down, especially as they tend to roam in large groups.

Players will also need two Silver in order to craft the Lox Cape. This rare material can be found in the Mountains area of Valheim. It is available after beating the game’s third boss and players will need to have the wishbone equipped. From there, in the Mountains, players will need to look out for a flashing area, where they will need to dig to find the ore.

Once the items have been collected, it’s off to the workbench to craft the Lox Cape.

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