Valheim Mining Guide – How to Get Metals, Coppers, Tin, and Bronze

Valheim Mining Guide – How to Get Metals, Coppers, Tin, and Bronze

If you want to craft heavier weapons and items, you need to learn mining in Valheim.

In almost a week from its launch, Valheim has already turned into one of the most trending video games with a lot of players jump into this early access survival experience to have fun. However, if you want to make progress in Valheim, you need to learn some essential tips, and the Valheim mining activities is one of the crucial ones.

Step 1 – Prepare for Mining

Before starting to mine various kinds of metals, you need to beat the first boss fight of the game and craft a Pickaxe for yourself. In order to store the Coppers you mine, you should build yourself a base, which we suggest to be built near the Black Forest region as it’s where you will mine Copper.

Step 2 – Where to Mine Copper

After beating the first boss, try to move away from the starting zone until the name of the zone changes on the map, this is when you enter the Black Forest region. Keep in mind that the Black Forest is a dangerous place, though there are a lot of resources to collect. When you are in the region, you can find multiple Copper Deposits with a quick search. Look for massive rocks covered in moss and grass. When you put your cursor on them, you will the name “Copper Deposit” appears on the screen. Coppers are heavy, which means you can’t carry a lot of them on your back. So, try to build your camp near to deposit to make the mining quick.

Step 3 – Where to Find Tin

While you are in the Black Forest region, head to the water and you will find some small rocks in dark-silver color near the water. They are Tin and you will need to mine and collect them to craft Bronze. Like Copper ore, Tin ore is also a heavy species in the world of Valheim and you wouldn’t be able to carry more than 20 Ores on your back.

Step 4 – Craft Bronze and Build Items

Now that you have both Tin and Copper ores, you need to build Smelter and Forge to turn ores into useful metal bars. By putting ores and coals together in Smelter, you will get metal bars. If you combine Tin and Copper ores you can build Bronze bars. Take the bars to your Forge set-up and build every item you need.

Make sure to craft a Bronze Axe once you gathered all the resources you need for it. Having this item will open up a wide variety of new options and even more Valheim mining activities for you.

Valheim is now available on Steam for PC players.