Valheim Update Today (July 1) - Patch Notes & Changes

AI tweaks take the spotlight in today's Valheim patch!

By Kyle Knight

July 1, 2021

The Valheim developers have heard fans loud and clear, after receiving complaints about the way monster AI’s were attacking structures, a new patch aims to fix the problem.

A new update has been released for Valheim today (July 1), bringing the game to version 0.156.2. Unfortunately, there’s no new content in the popular survival title, but there is an important AI tweak.

It was only just last week that Valheim received a new patch, which also featured AI changes. But it looks like the change wasn’t enough.

Valheim’s latest patch is available for download right now on Steam. Check out the full patch notes right here to find out more.

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Valheim Release Trailer

Valheim Release Trailer

Valheim – July 1 Patch Notes

The latest update for Valheim was released today (July 1), and only includes a minor change to the way monster AI attack structures. Players can check out the full patch notes for the Valheim 0.156.2 patch below. These notes were taken from the official Steam Page for Valheim.

Tiny AI tweak Patch

We hear you!! =) , some tweaks to the monster AI to make them behave better when attacking structures etc.


  • AI tweaks (Monsters should always target creatures [including players] first if they have a clear path to them & monsters should only attack low priority structures [walls etc.] if they are trying to get to a player)

Valheim – Steam Sale

If you haven’t picked it up already, Valheim is currently 10% off as part of the Steam Summer Sale.

With an ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ amount of reviews on the platform, Valheim is one of the most popular survival games of the year. Now is a better time than ever to pick the game up whilst it’s on sale, check out the official Steam Store Page for Valheim to find out more.

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