Valheim Ymir Flesh - What is It and Where to Find It

Ymir Flesh is one of the mysterious requirements for crafting Iron Sledgehammer.

It’s not that easy to craft and learn everything on your own in the world of Valheim. It’s only two weeks since the game’s launch and it has already sold over two million copies on Steam, turning one of the incredibly successful indie games of the year, while still in the Early Access phase. In this episode of the Valheim guides, we will go over the Valheim Ymir Flesh, a mysterious specie that doesn’t have so much of use, but you are going to need it for crafting the Iron Sledgehammer.

What is Ymir Flesh?

To be honest, the Valheim Ymir Flesh has a long story in the Norse mythology, but as a short introduction, the Ymir Flesh is the specie that Odin, Vili, and Ve used to create the world. Trolls, in the world of Valheim, are descendents of Ymir, whose flesh shaped the world.

How to Get the Ymir Flesh?

The best way to get the flesh is to purchase it from the Merchant. One unit of Ymir Flesh will cost you 120 Gold, but keep in mind that you will barely need this specie in crafting items and building structures. So, try to avoid buying more than the amount you need. If you are going to craft Iron Sledgehammer, four units of Ymir Flesh will be enough. That being said, for crafting the sledgehammer you first need to beat the second boss of the game, so make sure to collect all the other requirements before purchasing the flesh.

Valheim is now available on PC as an early access game. There’s no official release date for the full version of the game. Also, the developers haven’t revealed anything about their plans to launch the game on other platforms so far. Valheim will cost you $19.99 and you can play it in solo or co-op mode.

Mehrdad Khayyat

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