Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gets New Screenshots; Shows the Beautiful and Deadly Brunhild on Famitsu

Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gets New Screenshots; Shows the Beautiful and Deadly Brunhild on Famitsu

Today, the newly released issue of Weekly Famitsu included a batch of screenshots of Valkyria: Azure Revolution, alongside more info on the beautiful and lethal valkyria Brunhild.

Brunhild is a mysterious lady who suddenly appears on the battlefield singing with a beautiful voice. Yet, she wields a scythe in the darkness of the night, and she is a terrible enemy that appears not only on main points of the story, but also over time across normal missions.


One of the important elements of the game is in how to confront this terrible and difficult opponent.

In the past, King Claudius of the former Rushien Kindgom attacked the Temple of the Valkyria in the Kingdom of Jutland in order to acquire the power of the Valkyrie. In the process, he had the orphanage where the hero Amleth used to live burned down, and stole the “ring of the contract.” Having acquired the power of the Valkyrie, his kingdom grew to its current size of an Empire.

Amleth, who failed to kill Claudius, promised to seek revenge, and resolved to involve his homeland in that purpose, even if that meant engulfing the country in the flames of war.

At times, Brunhild appears dressed at the legendary God of Death. When she removes her mask and cloak, she shows her beautiful appearance. Among the screenshots in the gallery, you can see some of her lethal attacks.

While Brunhild instills overwhelming fear among enemy soldiers and reduces their combat power, Princess Ophelia can counter that effect. She could be the only hope to fight the power of the Valkyria.

You can also find the latest trailer here, showing the formation of Amleth’s anti-valkyria unit Vanargand. An extensive chunk of gameplay was also recently broadcasted by Sega.

If you want to see more of Brunhild herself, you can also watch how I beat her in the demo, in my own full-resolution gameplay. Apparently, looks like this will only be one of the many battles we’ll have to fight against her. Considering her undeniable charms, I’m not complaining.


Valkyria: Azure Revolution will release in Japan on January 19th for PS4 and PS Vita. No western release has been announced just yet.