Valkyria Chronicles 2 PSP Bound

It’s a sad day to be a PS3 owner, however if you also happen to own a PSP you’re in luck. Out of all of the RPG’s released last year (2008), the best in my opinion also happens to be the one that no one else played (or obviously bought for that matter). The game in question is Valkyria Chronicles, which was released around this time last year and received a warm welcome by both the public (those who actually played it) and critics alike. With a Metacritic score of 86, it doesn’t take a genius to fiigure out that most if not all reviews of the title were very positive. Well the Producer of the series Shuntaro Tanaka is trying to make sure they keep this good thing going, however it will have to happen on another platform. The main reason being time, with the producer quoted as saying

“PS3 sequel would probably takes around three years to make even after taking into consideration that certain assets can be reused and their hardware know-how is better now. This is because the amount of time it takes to produce new content could be quite lengthy too”

Someone has to tell this guy about true RPG fans (especially those in the western hemisphere) being well aware about playing the waiting game. Tanaka also goes on to describe how other series’ like Metal Gear and Yakuza have built up their following since the PS2 days, and it’s an advantage that Valkyria Chronicles just does not have. I can understand where he is coming from because at the end of the day, publisher SEGA just cares about the bottom line, but what if this sells even less than it’s predecessor did on the PS3, then what? Guess we’ll find out soon enough when Valkyria Chronicles hits Sony’s handheld in 2010.

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