Valkyria Chronicles 4 Gets New Screenshots Showing the Mighty Cruiser Centurion and Her Crew [UPDATED]

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Gets New Screenshots Showing the Mighty Cruiser Centurion and Her Crew [UPDATED]

Sega released a new batch of screenshots and artwork of Valkyria Chronicles 4, including the Snow Cruiser Centurion and her talented crew.

Today Sega updated the official website of Valkyria Chronicles 4 with a new batch of screenshots, art, and information.

This time around, it’s all about the Snow Cruiser Centurion that will play a central role in the story. It’s a ship that the Edinburgh Army of the Atlantic Federation built secretly to win its decisive battle.

Three ships of the same class were built, and the Centurion is the second. It’s capable to sail on ice fields, and its tremendous momentum can crush the ice under its hull. It’s basically like a giant 230 meters-long dreadnought. It’s capable of navigation on land thanks to technology provided by the Vinland Conglomerate, details of which are considered one of the most closely guarded national secret.

In battle, the player can use the special orders named “Ship Orders” in command mode in order to receive support from the Centurion. In the Research & Development facility, it’s possible to develop new types of support that the ship can provide. Improving the hull and equipment, it’s also possible to power-up performance and the number of usable ship orders per battle. Since their use is limited and don’t recover until a mission ends, timing is crucial.

Radar can reveal undiscovered enemies within a certain range, alongside those who have left the player’s field of view. It’s the first ship order available from the beginning.

Artillery Bombardment can be aimed at a certain area of the map, damaging enemy within its range.

Rescue Unit sends a field ambulance to heal a unit, or to recover soldiers that have fallen and are about to die, preventing their permanent loss.

Vehicle emergency repair does what it says on the tin, restoring a damaged vehicle that has been withdrawn from the field.

We also meet four relevant members of the Centurion’s crew.

Roland Morgan is a Captain of the Edinburgh Navy, and commanding officer of the Centurion. He is a moral pillar for the crew due to his warm and gentle attitude that isn’t shaken even during a crisis. Yet, in the past, he was considered extremely strict, and he was feared as “the demon captain.” He used to be strict with both himself and others, with sharp words during emergencies. During that period, he lost his ship, and he is determined not to let the Centurion be sunk.

Brian Haddock is a Junior Lieutenant of the Edinburgh Navy and Chief Navigator of the Centurion. At times he appears somewhat nervous and unapproachable, but deeper inside, he is calm and able to provide good judgment. He is respected , and supports Captain Morgan with whom he has shared many battlefields since his first mission, basically acting like a second in command. He looks down on the army due to his beliefs of naval supremacy, and this causes his opinion to collide with Claude’s.

Mary Bennett is a Chief Petty Officer of the Edinburgh Navy, and radio operator of the Centurion. A woman with a calm atmosphere, she is always smiling, and she is considered “everyone’s elder sister.” Being a very hard worker, she is often seen laboring beyond her duties, including cleaning and cooking aboard the ship. Incidentally, she is a very good cook.

Rafu is a Petty Officer of the Edinburgh Navy, and the firing control operator of the Centurion. A talented woman who graduated from the Navy Training School skipping a year, she has a tremendous talent in operating the most technologically-advanced equipment, and the recognition of her skills caused her to be assigned to the Centurion. She is extremely serious, and often conversation with her is difficult. Yet, she is in good terms with Mary.

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Valkyria Chronicles 4 will hit the shelves both in North America and Europe for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One in 2018. It will release in Japan for PS4 on March 21st, 2018 and for Nintendo Switch later in the summer.

Update: Sega released a few more images on the same topic, and the 1080p version of the rest, so we updated the gallery with them.