Valkyria Chronicles II and DLC 50% off on the PSN. Get it. Or else.

Valkyria Chronicles II and DLC 50% off on the PSN. Get it. Or else.

If you still didn’t play Valkyria Chronicles II, this may be a very good chance. Sega is having a sale on the PSN, and the package including Valkyria Chronicles II for the PSP and all it’s DLC is 50% off, priced at $22.99.

If you’re a PlayStation Plus member, the offer is even more juicy, as you’ll be able to download the whole package for the small sum of $13.79. That’s a hell of a deal for something in the  neighborhood of 200 hours of entertainment, especially for a fantastic franchise like Valkyria Chronicles.

If you don’t have a PSP you might even want to get it anyway, since it’s going to be playable on the PS Vita soon. The deal ends on November the 1st.

This is the perfect Chance to give Sega a clear signal of the fact that there’s a sizable fanbase for the Valkyria Chronicles franchise in the west. As they told us a few days ago, there’s still hope for Valkyria Chronicles III, but quite evidently some more convincing never hurts.

Since we’re talking about signals, if you want to play Valkyria III in English, don’t forget to join the Gallian Liberation Front, and to sign their online petition (that thanks to your support gained 700 new signatures in just a few days). Let your voice be heard.

UPDATE: Unfortunately the package is on sale only in the US. Of course nothing stops you from purchasing it from the North American PS Store.