Valkyria Chronicles II is now on Sale on the European PSN too

Valkyria Chronicles II is now on Sale on the European PSN too

Last Week I reported a definitely convenient sale on Valkyria Chronicles II and its DLC packages. Unfortunately the sale was limited to North America, leaving European fans high and dry as usual.

Looks like the situation has now been corrected, as Valkyria Chronicles II is now on sale on the European PSN as well.  The game is now priced 17,99 Euros, while the full DLC package will take 1.49 Euros out of your credit card.

Unfortunately the sale for PlayStation Plus subscribers is not nearly as juicy as the american one, as the game’s price has been just priced down to 16,19 Euros, with the DLC package receiving a meager discount to 1,34 Euros. 

Despite that, this is a great deal for those that still didn’t play the second chapter of the Valkyria Chronicles franchise, especially considering that the game will net you just south of 200 hours of gameplay, and it’s great gameplay on top of that.

As I said when I reported about the North American sale, this is a good chance to show Sega that there definitely is a market for the Valkyria Chronicles franchise in the west. Even if you don’t have a PSP, you can still get the game now that it’s discounted to play it on the Vita (that as reported by Famitsu will actually improve the graphics of PSP games).

Also, if you still didn’t, don’t forget to support the Gallian Liberation Front. Sega is definitely listening about the localization of Valkyria Chronicles III, so let’s get our voices heard.