Valkyria Chronicles Series Director Hopes to Announce Something New in 2017

Valkyria Chronicles Series Director Hopes to Announce Something New in 2017

Takeshi Ozawa started his career with the Valkyria series as a designer on the first Valkyria Chronicles, followed by Direction roles on Valkyria Chronicles II and III and on the upcoming Valkyria Revolution. Apparently, he might have more in store, as he mentioned today in a statement part of 4Gamer‘s traditional year end mass interview.

“Valkyria Revolution will be released on January 19th, 2017. Please enjoy the war and historical drama painted with the GOUACHE shader and the LeGION battle system, so that you can experience the battlefield in RPG fashion. I hope that this will be a year in which the IP named “Valkyria” will be further expanded as a result of the launch of Valkyria Revolution, and I hope to be able to tell you something new in 2017.”

Just today, within another interview, Ozawa-san confirmed that the original Valkyria Chronicles series isn’t dead, and that its developers are still planning to release new games within its beloved world. It’ll be interesting to see this “something new” Ozawa-san has in store could be a new Valkyria Chronicles game.

Valkyria Revolution will be released in Japan on January 19th for PS4 and PS Vita, while a western launch has recently been announced for PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One next Spring.

If you want to test Valkyria Revolution on your own console, you can check out the demo for PS4 and PS Vita on the Japanese PlayStation Store. There is no word, for now, about a western release of the demo, or one for Xbox One. To download the demo you’ll need a Japanese PSN account, and you can read how to make one on our handy guide.