New Valkyria Game Teases More Characters with Mysterious Silhouettes

New Valkyria Game Teases More Characters with Mysterious Silhouettes

Sega teases more mtsterious characters of its new Valkyria game, which is presumably coming in the future for PC and home consoles.

Following the reveal of a teaser site for a new Valkyria game by Sega happened two days ago, the publisher updated it once more.

Yesterday, we saw the silhouette of two characters, on top of a strong hint that the game might come for home consoles and PC. Today, we get two more silhouettes in addition to the first batch. You can see them below, sized up and placed on a white background for better visibility. width="700"The first new silhouette on the left appears to be wearing a heavy uniform, wielding a machine gun. The second on the right is probably another female character, and the coil we see at her hip might be a whip, even if it’s hard to tell.

At the moment, while Sega mentioned that this is part of the Vaklyria project, we still don’t know whether it’ll be actually a Valkyria Chronicles game or not. Recently, sega launched a spin-off named Valkyria Revolution, belonging to a completely different genre and set in a different world. It ultimately failed to live up to the series legacy. Yet, the franchise’s developers expressed the intention to continue the original series a while ago.

The reveal will come on November 20th, so we’ll have to wait a bit longer to know.