Valkyria Revolution: Watch the Full Prologue Running on PS4 Pro; Epic Story and Fantastic Music

Valkyria Revolution: Watch the Full Prologue Running on PS4 Pro; Epic Story and Fantastic Music

The demo of Valkyria Revolution is available on the Japanese PlayStation Store, including the full prologue of the game. If you want to see what it looks like, you have come to the right place.

The full demo was recorded from a PS4 Pro via Elgato Game Capture HD 60, from the beginning to the end of the prologue, including one mission pitching us against the mighty Dragon mecha boss.

Incidentally, the this part of the game is really story-heavy. The prologue takes about an hour to complete, and roughly 45 minutes of that are cutscenes. If the full game holds this pace, there is room for plenty of storytelling.

One thing is for sure: the beginning of the story is really promising, including traitors, kidnappings, national and international intrigue, personal vendettas and a hero that appears to be more an anti-hero than a fully positive character.

Honestly speaking, the visuals are not exactly the best we’ve seen out of Japan, but the soundtrack really shines, with some really awesome tunes. That shouldn’t surprise anyone, considering that YAsunori Mitsuda is at the helm.

So far, it’s certainly enjoyable, even if, being an introductory mission, it’s beyond easy. I’m definitely looking forward to check out the full game on January 19th, when it’ll launch in Japan for PS4 and PS Vita. A a western launch has also been recently announced. It will come in the Spring of 2017,  with a fairly unexpected Xbox One version making its appearance on top of the two on PlayStation platforms.

If you want to play the demo for yourself instead of just watching me, you can learn how here. You’ll need a Japanese PSN account, and we have a handy guide on how to create it.

You can also enjoy a metric ton of screenshots from the demo here, not marred by Youtube’s annoying compression, and the latest trailer, featuring the stern officers of the Rushien Empire and the mecha they control (including Bardeyus Gridpenberg and his Dragon that you’ll see in the video).