Valkyria Revolution Gets Plenty of New Screenshots and Tons of Info on Story and Characters

Valkyria Revolution Gets Plenty of New Screenshots and Tons of Info on Story and Characters

Today Sega released a large batch of screenshots and information on Valkyria: Azure Revolution, that will be released in the west simply as Valkyria Revolution.

First of all, we finally get the full picture of what set the facts of the game in motion.

Ten years before the beginning of the story, Claudius, Second Prince of what was then the Ruzhien Kingdom, used to believe the legend that told that heroes and politicians of old received the blessing of the Valkyria in the form of a “contract ring.”

Claudius thoroughly investigated the legends behind the Valkyria, discovering a reference to the temple of the Valkyria in Molda, a region annexed to the Jutland Kingdom. Since the Ruzhien Kingdom and Jutland were allied at that time, Claudius headed for neighboring kingdom with the excuse of an inspection. After finding the ring in the temple, Claudius summoned a Valkyria and signed a contract with her, initiating the raise to prominence of the Ruzhien Kingdom.

In Molda, that was illegally occupied by Claudius and his soldiers, there was an orphanage. Since its inhabitants were in the way of his “survey,” the prince ordered it burned down and the children killed. The teacher who used to take care of them, known for her beauty, was kidnapped.

Only five children, who were playing outside at the moment of the raid, survived. They vowed to take revenge on Claudius and on the four officers who took part in the attack.

A couple of years later, the Children, who survived by relying on each other’s strength, started to put in motion a plan to assassinate Claudius taking advantage of a moment in which he was exposed  outdoors. The hero Amleth swung his sword at Claudius, but the legendary Valkyria appeared, protecting him. Amleth was unable to do anything against her overwhelming power, and felt that was unable to fulfill his revenge with his strength alone.

Several years after the failure of the assassination, an economic embargo against Jutland began, promoted by four powerful nations led by what had become the Ruzhien Empire. Taking advantage of a moment in which Jutland was wavering between obedience and resistance, Amleth led the country into war.

He thought that the only way to reach Claudius, who was safe in the Imperial capital, and to defeat the Valkyria, was to involve his own country.

On the other hand, Ophelia, Princess of Jutland, acted out of her love for the country, without knowing Amleth’s intentions. She stood on the battlefield as part of the anti-Valkyria unit Vanargand, under Amleth’s own command.  Despite her royal pride her talent for magical arts, she found herself suffering when facing the reality of war for the first time.

We also learn more about the other four kids, who formed with Amleth the “Circle of Five” (the original Japanese name is “Five Grave Sinners”).

Suleiman Kahlenberg is a man who overcame his helplessness by acquiring power through politics. He is a member of the house of representatives of Jutland. Serious and steady, he always retains his cool. When the powers led by the Empire started to apply their pressure on the country, he was the first to advocate for war.

After the burning of the orphanage, he was taken in by a member of the house of representatives named Estorot Kahlenberg. His adoptive father knew that he was a troubled boy, but he recognized Suleiman’s extraordinary talent and ambition. Thus, he decided to train him as his successor.

When Suleiman was 18 years old, he had acquired know-how, personal connection and power, making his way into political circles. Even with the supp0rt of Estorot, the attempt to assassinate Claudius failed, and Suleiman realized that he could not put his revenge into action in his current situation. Seeking greater power, he approached Sophia, daughter of another house of representatives member named James Madcaine, who was an influential aristocrat and minister.

Their engagement followed, and Suleiman rose to even greater power thanks to the support of Madcaine, gaining prominence in the political world exactly as the embargo started.

Basil Savanju is a man who overcame his helplessness through financial power. He inherited the magical factory from the man who adopted him, and increased its success by delving deep into the business world of the kingdom of Jutland.

He has a cheerful and mischievous personality, but he’s also very friendly, giving him the ability to get into other people’s good side.

After the incident at the orphanage, he was taken in by the manager of a small magical factory. About ten years had passed since the “Azure Revolution,” and magical production was starting to grow. He began to learn thee arts of industrial engineering and management.

Since his adoptive parents were old, he took over the factory when he was 18 years old, actively hiring troubled youngsters and creating a mafia-like organization, also increasing production by using illegal labor. He thought that his first priority was to accumulate experience and to achieve results.

After the failed assassination of the Emperor, he was encouraged by Amleth and Violet to shift his busienss towards the military industry. As the embargo started, he had managed to wrestle against the other industrial giants and gained the trust of the army.

Fleat Eriksen  is a man who overcame his helplessness through the power of propaganda. After becoming a newspaper reporter he started to be known as a leading columnist in the kingdom. He is very intelligent and soft spoken, and his speeches can stir the feelings of the public opinion. Using that ability, he manipulated the people, leading them lean towards the war.

After the burning of the orphanage, he was taken in by an university professor. He was able to read many books in his new house, and learned of the power of words and letters. When he was 18 years old, he joined a newspaper company named Guselshell. His articles, based on his ample vocabulary and unique sense of narrative, gained him respect within the company and outside.

After the failed assassination of the Emperor, he left the company in regret, and started working as a freelance writer, gradually increasing his own popularity and the weight of his voice. When the embargo started, his articles, not tied down by connections with any company, had become a social phenomenon.

Violet Sand is a woman who overcame her helplessness through the power of information. She is extremely good at making the best use of her womanly weapons like her beautiful looks, her sexy body and her cheerful personality, in order to gather intelligence within military departments. She disseminates the information she acquires to the other grave sinners, and she often spreads lies to manipulate the situation in a way convenient to the war plan.

After the destruction of the orphanage, she was taken in by a quite normal household, playing the role of a straightforward, bright and intelligent girl, loved by everyone involved with her, as well as her adoptive parents. She behaved like that simply because it was a easier way to survive, and to manipulate those around her.

At the age of fifteen, after finishing her mandatory education, she entered the military academy aiming to become a soldier. Through her intelligence-gathering talents, she made it to through training, and after graduating, she joined the army as a lieutenant of the military information bureau. She managed to raise her standing thanks to her solid intelligence activities, and based on the information brought by Suleiman, she devised the plan to assassinate the Emperor. Unfortunately, it ended in failure.

After that, she used many faces and many names, continuing to gather information useful to her companions, until the beginning of the embargo.

We also learn about the four officers who accompanied Claudius when the orphanage was burned, known as the “Four Generals of the Empire.”

Gilouche Benckendorff  used to serve under Claudius’ brother, he followed the young crown prince faithfully. He excels for bravery, and is an admirable general. He always speaks in a rigid way, and acts according to military tradition.

Victor Chimashef is a wise general who devised the strategy that led to the growth in power of the Emperor. He is fanatically faithful to claudius, and he is willing to sacrifice anything and everything for him.

Gustav Mecklenburg is very skilled in the operation of airships, and was entrusted with the command of the Empire’s new navy. He also has a somewhat particular personality, making him difficult to fully understand.

Bardeyus Gridpenberg  is the youngest of the “Four Generals of the Empire,” and assists Gilouche in commanding the army. Due to his considerable social skills, he was given control of the southern theater, placing his base in the territory adjacent to the Jutland kingdom.

Before you go check out the screenshots in the gallery below, keep in mind that the information above comes from a Japanese press release, so the transliteration of names and some translation details might change in the western version of the game.

Valkyria Revolution will be released in Japan on January 19th for PS4 and PS Vita, while a western release will come for PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One next Spring. If you’re curious, you can check out the differences between the PS4 and PS Vita versions in our latest article.