Valkyria Revolution Gets Plenty of Screenshots Showcasing Mecha Bosses, Airship and More

Valkyria Revolution Gets Plenty of Screenshots Showcasing Mecha Bosses, Airship and More

Valkyria Revolution gets a ton of new screenshots and information, this time focused on the baddies, and more precisely on their mecha helpers.

Today Sega released another large batch of screenshots and information on Valkyria: Azure Revolution, that will be renamed for the west as simply Valkyria Revolution.

This time around, we get a showcase of the baddies that we’ll have to fight while in command of the anti-valkyria unit Vanargand, with a particular bonus on their big bad mecha and vehicles.

The Ruzhien empire makes extensive use of mechanized units, which are built based on magical mechanics. Depending on the size and weight, they’re divided into “heavy magical machines,” “light magical machines” and so on. Among them there are some that are dedicated to fighting.

While most heavy machines were initially designed for work or transportation, the fundamental idea behind them is to base their design on living creatures. Since the world is also home to supernatural organisms like the Valkyria, those machines are said to have been used for labor since ancient times.

In the Ruzhien Empire, the industrial revolution happened with a certain delay, so they initially entrusted the design of weaponry to other countries. Yet, thanks to the advancements cultivated through licensing and the assimilation of technology and resources of invaded countries, it began manufacturing its own heavy machines about 10 years after becoming an Empire.

The Empire’s army counts four heavy  prominent magical machines renowned for their extreme power, despite the fact that they’re all very different in design and features.

The Guardian, under the command of Gilouche Benckendorff, is dedicated to the basic idea of defense. It represents the shield that never fails to protect the Emperor. It’s a heavy machine similar to a walking fortress designed with resilience in mind, sacrificing mobility.

Valkyria (10)

The Snake, commanded by Victor Chimashef, is dedicated to the basic idea of stealth. It represents Victor’s own operational capability utilized to its utmost potential. Its first priority is to win by underhanded methods instead of direct attacks. It’s designed to be extremely flexible and responsive.

Valkyria (21)

The Whale, with Gustav Mecklenburg at the helm, is dedicated to the basic idea of a fighting transport. It represents the attempt to be one step ahead of simply fighting for the sake of fighting, utilizing Gustav’s ability as a naval tactician on top of being an excellent pilot. Before receiving the Whale, Gustav used to be an ace pilot at the controls of a general purpose heavy machine named Scorpion.

Valkyria (25)

The Dragon, commanded by Bardeyus Gridpenberg, is dedicated to the basic idea of attack. Since its commander is often left out of a leadership role, especially in foreign policy negotiations, his aggressive attitude also reflects on his heavy machine.

Valkyria (34)

And then there is Maxim, who isn’t a machine, but almost. He is considered the ultimate human weapon of the Empire. He is a production of inhuman experiments in which magical machinery is directly implanted in his body. The Ruzhien empire is the only nation that managed to implement this kind of technology in actual operational scenarios.

Maxim’s talent was recognized by Emperor Claudius, who “rewarded” him with his magical body and weapons.

His real name is Reatiz Han Crimias III, and he used to be the second prince of a country that has been assimilated by the Empire. His talent for martial arts is genius-level.

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You can also check out the trailer introducing the officers mentioned above and the video dedicated to Maxim.

Valkyria Revolution will be released in Japan on January 19th for PS4 and PS Vita, while a western release will come for PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One in the Spring.