Valkyria Revolution Gets Tons of Gameplay Screenshots and Info Showing LeGION Battle System and More

Valkyria Revolution Gets Tons of Gameplay Screenshots and Info Showing LeGION Battle System and More

Valkyria Revolution's battle system "LeGION" exposed and explained with a lot of screenshots and fresh information.

Today Sega released a large batch of screenshots and information on the LeGION system, that will power the battles of the upcoming JRPG Valkyria Revolution.

LeGION is based on facing a large number of enemies on vast battlefields with up to four party members, numerically overwhelmed by the enemy. It’s up to the player to decide which enemies to attack and which instructions to give to each character.

In the field, you can engage in battle at any time and in any place. If you enter the enemy’s field of view, you will immediately be attacked, so you always need to pay attention to your surroundings.

Whenever you need to think on your next move you can open the battle palette, immediately stopping time. Even beginners unfamiliar with action gameplay can take their time to think about their tactics. In battle, both enemies and allies are governed by the action gauge, when it fills up, they can use magic arts and weapons.

Magic arts ands sidearms (guns and grenades) that deliver powerful attacks and heal your allies are fully customizable. Magic arts can both be use to hit several enemies at the same time or to cause heavy damage to powerful ones.

By eliminating multiple enemies at the same time you can damage not only their fighting strength, but also their fighting spirit, or you can kill an opponent far away with a single well aimed shot.

You can also change the active character you control simply by pressing the up and down directional buttons.

You can see the situation of a battle at a glance by checking out the “war situation” gauge at the top of the screen. The blue line is your side, while the red line is the enemy side.

The game introduce the concept of emotions, that can cause a variety of effects and occur in a variety of circumstances, for instance when defeating enemy leaders their underlings will be affected by fear, or by anger when their companions are knocked down. By causing fear and confusion among the enemy lines, you can become dominant in the battle situation.

In addition to that, you can heal dying friends with magic arts or items, but dead companions are lost, and will never return to stand on the battlefield again. On the battlefield it’s always necessary to keep in mind the balance between keeping your companions alive and advancing  towards your objectives.

Magic arts can draw power from the blue ore named Ragnite, you could say that there are as many magic arts as there is ragnite. In addition to that, weapons produced using ragnite are called magical weapons, and ragnite can also be used to improve them. Magic art and magical weapons can be freely customized in order to further improving your characters.

By installing ragnite shards in your battle palette, you can use the corresponding magic art. All ragnite shards can be equipped by any character except exclusive ones, however different characters may receive different effects, and some might not be able to equip high level ragnite shards of a certain element.

Ragnite shards can also be used to improve magical weapon at the Savanju & Company factory owned by Basil. You can progress through a skill tree that also grants additional effects to the character itself.

Ragnite are obtained within missions or purchased in the capital of Jutland, Elsinore. You can also exchange ragnite ragments optained in game or via DLC for further ragnite units at the Vanargand headquarters.

During missions ragnite drops from enemies, it can be found in treasure chest, and obtained as mission clear reward. The ragnite that can be purchased at the stalls in Elsinore isn’t very good quality-wise.

You can check out the screenshots below, and if you want to see more, you can enjoy another recent gallery and a trailer, or read a lot of information on story and characters.

Valkyria Revolution will be released in Japan on January 19th for PS4 and PS Vita, while a western release will come for PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One in the Spring.