Valkyria Revolution Gets Tons of Screenshots and Info on the Anti-Valkyria Unit Vanargand and More

Valkyria Revolution Gets Tons of Screenshots and Info on the Anti-Valkyria Unit Vanargand and More

Sega released a lot of information and images of Valkyria Revolution, showcasing the members of the anti-valkyria unit Vanargand.

Sega released today a batch of screenshots, artwork and information on Valkyria: Azure Revolution, which will be released in the west as Valkyria Revolution. 

First of all, we get a few profile of the members of Vanargand, the anti-valkyria unit led by the protagonist Amleth.

Godot Wilfort is Princess Ophelia’s attendant knight and a low-ranking aristocrat. By order of the king, he is to escort Ophelia on the battlefield. He always comes out as serious and even a bit stiff. He is worried about the future of Jutland, oppressed by Europan powers, and he sees Amleth as a hero and a savior.

Valkyria (16)

Blum Thomason is the son of a shopkeeper who lived in Jutlant’s capital city of Elsinore. He’s very good with his hands and familiar with industrial production. He’s a gentle man and his body isn’t very strong. Although he is often influenced by his childhood friend Helena, he’s slightly infatuated with her, who protected him when he was a weak boy.

Valkyria (17)

Jordur Kuvist is a soldier on active duty in the Jutland army, with a reputation for his ability in using magical weapons. He’s an attractive and hot-blooded man approaching a mature age. He volunteered for Vanagrand in order to be able to support his child living with his divorced ex-wife. In the army, Daryl Rommedahl used to be his instructor.

Valkyria (18)

Isaac Beargreen used to live a lavish life as an aristocrat, taking advantage of the financial power of his family. While he is very proud, his attitude changes in the presence of attractive members of the opposite sex. While his Ragnite attitude is high he isn’t as good as Amleth in the magical arts, and that gives him a bit of an inferiority complex.

Valkyria (19)

Daryl Rommedahl is a veteran of the Jutland army, suddenly retired to civilian life in the countryside. He used to be Jordur’s direct superior. His high attitude for Ragnite is well recognized, as much as his tactical abilities, which is why he reluctantly accepted to return to active duty for the sake of national security. He loves alcohol, women and tobacco, and he has an extensive life experience. While he is an excellent soldier, the reason why he retired in his thirties remains unknown.

Valkyria (20)

Helena Andersen used to be the poster girl of a cafe in the shopping district of Elsionore. Due to her high sense of justice, in times of need she volunteered with her childhood friend Blum for the army’s attitude tests. While her scores were relatively low, her Ragnite affinity was high. She’s a bit unhappy that Blum’s is still higher. She is ultra-positive, super-confident and extremely ambitious, which is why she arbitrarily sees Ophelia as a rival.

Valkyria (21)

Brigitte Ulrich is a former teacher. When she enlisted her scores were relatively low, but her ragnite affinity was great. She is stern, intelligent and a bit cold, and she is best friends with Tilda. She is moved by sense of justice and patriotism, and she hates the Ruzien Empire. Her seriousness comes mostly with her education, that causes her to suppress her feelings. That changes when she holds a gun, and she becomes somewhat “trigger-happy.”

Valkyria (22)

Sara Benner used to be an artisan and a designer of small mechanical items like watches and jewelry. She is one of the rare people that prefers the aesthetic design aspects of ragnite, that tends to be neglected in products of magical industry, but her products were starting to get popular.

When she underwent the attitudes test of the army, she was then conscripted due to her high ragnite affinity. She loves conversation and she’s very sensitive to trends. She also makes friends easily, regardless of gender. One of her best friends is Ophelia.

Valkyria (23)

Tilda Geese is a former engineer who used to have her own small studio. She is often silent and dedicated to her craftsmanship, but the weapons she created were excellent. Like others she was conscripted due to her high ragnite affinity. She is the oldest among the women of Vanargand, and keeps a cool and harsh attitude. Unlike appearances, she does care about the members of the unit and she is friends with Brigitte. She also unexpectedly cracks jokes once in a while.

Valkyria (24)

Miranda Wilfort isn’t a member of Vanargand, but she is Godot’s sister. She also used to be Ophelia’s playmate, since they are the same age. She is cheerful and lively, with a brave personality. She is also overprotective towards the princess.

Ophelia is always followed around by the Wilfort brothers as her retinue and guards. They are born from the low-rank aristocracy and both graduated from the military academy with excellent results, with high attitude for martial skills.

When Ophelia decided to join Vanargand, the king’s absolute condition was that Godot would stay by her side and protect her. Miranda also wanted to join, but Godot objected, and forced her to remain in the royal castle to protect Ophelia from within the court.

Valkyria (25)

We also learn more about the gameplay aspect of the cast. Amleth and Ophelia are special characters. They both can use Ragnite with “light” attribute. Amleth is strong with Fire and Earth, while Ophelia is strong with Water and Wind.

The other members of Vanargand are divided into Shock troopers, Scouts, Support troopers and Armored troopers.

Shock troopers have high offensive power and defense, and are suitable for an assault role. Other stats are well balanced and easy to handle. They’re strong with fire and weak with water. Amleth, Daryl and Helena are part of this category.

Scouts are fast, have good recovery abilities and charge their action gauge quickly. They can control the battlefield and debuff enemies thanks to their mastery of Wind ragnite. That allows them to push the attack without suffering retailiation. They’re weak with Earth ragnite. Ophelia, Isaac and Brigitte are Scouts.

Support troopers are very skilled with magical arts, but have low defense and physical attack. They’re excellent to support their allies with recovery magic, and they can amplify the effect of items. They specialize in the use of sniper rifles and smoke grenades to kill enemies from extreme distances or confuse them. They’re strong with water and weak with fire ragnite. Blum and Sarah are support troopers.

Armored troopers have slow recovery and action gauge charge, but they are extremely defensive and can master as special technique that can draw the attention of the enemy. However, they cannot run while guarding. They’re strong with Earth ragnite and weak with wind. Godot, Jordur and Tilda are all Armored troopers.

The greatest enemy of the anty-valkyria unit Vanargand is the valkyria herself, Brunhild. She is the combination of cold-hearted divinity and mysterious beauty. Since she masters the powerful magical art called “Song of death,” she is called the “god of death” by the common people. Even Vangargand, which includes only members with high ragnite affinity, risks to be overwhelmed by her terrible power.

You can check out the screenshots below, and if you want to see more, you can enjoy another recent gallery and a trailer, or read a lot of information on story and characters and on the LeGION Battle System.

Valkyria Revolution will be released in Japan on January 19th for PS4 and PS Vita, while a western release will come for PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One in the Spring.