Valkyria Revolution Getting Tons of Free DLC; Free PS4 and PS Vita Themes Released

Valkyria Revolution is coming with a lot of goodies, including free PS4 and PS Vita themes and free DLC.

Today Sega announced with a press release that Valkyria Revolution is getting a nice batch of free goodies.

First of all, we get two free themes, one for PS4 and one for PS Vita. For the moment they’re only available on the North American PlayStation Store, and they’re static. The PS4 theme can be found here, while the PS Vita theme can be downloaded here.

That’s definitely not all, as the publisher also announced a large batch of DLC for the game, coming for all platforms starting on release day. The best thing? They’re free. While rather affordably priced (usually between 100 and 200 yen) most of the DLC actually had a price tag in Japan, so western players are getting an additional treat in the form of items and fully voiced scenarios that give additional insight on relevant characters. Speaking about characters, one of the scenarios also unlocks a new playable character, Maxim.

They will be released between June 27th and July 18th, and you can see a full list below. It’s worth mentioning that the dates are for the North American market.

Last, but not least, we get to see a video featuring composer Yasunori Mitsuda and singer Sarah Àlainn, as they talk about the theme song “Eternal Rest” and the creative process behind it.

Valkyria Revolution will release for PS4, Xbox One and PS Vita in North America on June 27th and in Europe on June 30th.

If you want to see and read more about the game, you also can check out the latest trailer and the Vanargand Edition here, and read about the quite “interesting” description of the game by the ESRB.

Release Date
Special Issue Gear: Veteran Pouch+
6/27/2017Special issue supplies for the Anti-Valkyria Squad. The Veteran Pouch+ gear increases experience gained by 10%
Spinning Squall+6/27/2017Special ragnite used in battle
Burn Field+6/27/2017Special ragnite used in battle
Ragnite Shard6/27/201730 ragnite shards
Smash Blaze+6/27/2017Special ragnite used in battle
Valkyria Revolution
Scenario Pack: Vanargand
Release Date
A Day in the Life of the Wolves
A tale that covers daily life at Vanargand HQ, as reported by the journalist Fritte Eriksen
Lamentations of Men6/27/2017A tale of the tormented men of Vanargand
Ragnite Shard6/27/201730 ragnite shards
Jumping Wind+6/27/2017Special ragnite used in battle
Valkyria Revolution
Scenario Pack: The Circle of Five
Release Date
Can’t Stop Falling in Love7/5/2017A tale that takes a closer look at the daily lives of Amleth and the Traitors
The Traitors’ Daily Lives7/5/2017A tale that takes a closer look at the bonds between Amleth and the Traitors
As Luck Would Have It7/5/2017The tale behind the Traitors’ rule “head or tails-no hard feelings”
The Orphans’ Dreams7/5/2017The true tale behind the Circle of Five’s younger days, recounting the youthful dreams of Amleth and his friends
Ragnite Shard7/5/201730 ragnite shards
Rush Bolt+7/5/2017Special ragnite used in battle
Valkyria Revolution
Scenario Pack: The Princess and the Valkyria
Release Date
Hunger Pangs and Royal Pains
7/11/2017A tale of terror about the hunger that assaulted Ophelia on a peaceful day
The Soloist of the Battlefield7/11/2017A tale of the crimson-eyed Valkyria and the inner conflict she faces
Study of Flowers7/11/2017A tale that uncovers the mystery behind Princess Ophelia’s deadly grace on the battlefield
Ragnite Shard7/11/201730 ragnite shards
Ring Squall+7/11/2017Special ragnite used in battle
Valkyria Revolution Scenario Pack: Maxim and Remembrance
Release Date
Name of the Augmented Warrior
7/18/2017The tale of how a fallen prince was reborn as Grand General Maxim of the Ruzi Empire.

After viewing the Scenario, Maxim will be usable as a squad member.

Standing Before a Dying Wish7/18/2017The tale of Captain Amleth and his relationship with Vanargand’s executive officers, Godot and Miranda Vilfort
The Road to That House7/18/2017The tale of the Anti-ValkyriaSquad’s true feelings for Hans, boy soldier and Vanargand’s most trusted runner
Ragnite Shards7/18/201730 ragnite shards
Gravity 10+7/18/2017Special ragnite used in battle

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