Valkyria Revolution Video Features Beautiful Soundtrack by Yasunori Mitsuda

Valkyria Revolution Video Features Beautiful Soundtrack by Yasunori Mitsuda

Composer Yasunori Mitsuda introduces the original soundtrack release of Valkyria Revolution.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution has finally been launched in Japan, and on the same day it also got a soundtrack with two CDs. Today Sega published a video on the release.

The video stars composer Yasunori Mitsuda, famous for his work on many Japanese classics ranging from Chrono Trigger and Xenogears to the Xenoblade series and many more. Of course, we get to hear quite a few of the tracks already across the ten minutes of footage.

Even just by trying the demo, I have known for a while that this game will definitely worth it even just for the soundtrack, that appears really spectacular.

Valkyria Revolution was released in Japan on January 19th for PS4 and PS Vita, while a western release will come for PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One in the Spring, renamed to a simpler Valkyria Revolution.

If you want to read more about Valkyria Revolution, you can find quite a lot of details about it in my previous articles about  story and characters,  the LeGION Battle System, the Vanargand Anti-Valkyria unit, and the mecha fighting for the Ruzhien Empire.

You can also read how the developers focused on making a game that the Japanese audience could love, without giving much thought about the western market. Incidentally, there is also the explanation on why Mitsuda-sensei was selected for the soundtrack instead of Valkyria Chronicles series composer Hitoshi Sakimoto.