Valkyrie Profile Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary as Fans Are Still Waiting for a Remake

Square Enix and tri-Ace held an event for the 20th anniversary of the Valkyrie Profile series and published a nice video retracing its history.

December 22, 2019, marked the 20th anniversary of the Valkyrie Profile series. The first Valkyrie Profile launched on PlayStation 1 on December 22, 1999, in Japan. Square Enix held an event for the occasion last weekend on December 22, with the seiyuu of Lenneth and Freya: Yumi Touma and Maria Kawamura. A series 20th-anniversary event is also ongoing in Valkyrie Anatomia, the Valkyrie Profile mobage. A pretty cool video retracing the series’ history was published as well and is included further below.

The event, whose full stream is also included below, was pretty fun to listen to but sadly no teasing of a Valkyrie Profile remake happened. In fact, the event was really nice but they didn’t talk about the game itself that much, as they commented on the Twitter contest Square Enix organized for the occasion.

The contest, along with a super hard quiz they did with the audience, was in order to win pretty rare goods like Valkyrie Profile cards of Gangan Versus, an early 2000s Trading Card Game that included series like Mamote Shugotgetten and Star Ocean. Seeing Gangan is a manga publisher owned by Square Enix, the card game mixed games and manga series.

Seiyuu anecdotes-wise, the stream was pretty poor too, as the most interesting thing was Maria Kawamura mentioning how back when recording Freya’s lines, she was a bit worried about kids who’d play the game and get scared by how cruel she sounds at times. If you’re a seiyuu fan and a fan of Yumi Touma and Maria Kawamura the stream might be worth listening to, but you won’t miss out on anything either way.

While the original Valkyrie Profile is great and doesn’t necessarily need a remake, many fans are awaiting a remake or a new console game to revisit the series, a dream even more ambitious than the cool scenarios of the mobile games. As a matter of fact, Star Ocean 1 got an actual remake on PSP, and it was HD remastered just recently on Switch as Star Ocean First Departure R. With new character designs by Enami Katsumi, and the excellent idea of fully voicing the game with both the old seiyuu from the SNES version and the PSP version, First Departure R is an awesome remake. Meanwhile, Valkyrie Profile got a port on PSP in 2006, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, but it wasn’t much of a remake, and the same can be said for its iOS and Android port launched in 2018. Seeing each series has its popular mobage by Tri-Ace, Star Ocean Anamnesis and Valkyrie Anatomia, and how both series are linked development-wise, I’m hoping Square Enix will announce that Valkyrie Profile will get a Star Ocean First Departure R-like remake soon.

I doubt anyone reading this is in Japan, but there’s also a Star Ocean Anamnesis x Valkyrie Profile collab café ongoing till January 7 in Shibuya, Nagoya, and Akiba. The café switched to 100% Valkyrie Profile goods until its end to celebrate the 20th anniversary.

Maria Kawamura and Yumi Touma took a picture together at the 20th-anniversary event.

Illustrator Alec Nishiki who works on Valkyrie Anatomia did an official artwork of Meltina and Lezard together for the occasion.

He also published artwork of Lenneth on Twitter.

Last but not least, Pop Team Epic‘s Bkub also did some illustrations for the occasion. He often manages to get collabs with anything he likes, such as PriPara and King of Prism of the Pretty Series franchise.

The video celebrating Valkyrie Profile‘s 20th anniversary and the event’s stream are included below.

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