Valorant 3.08 Update Patch Notes Today October 19

Here are the patch notes of Valorant 3.08 Update.

October 19, 2021

Valorant is all set to get a new update today and fans are quite eager to learn more about the update.

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There are a plethora of new features that are being added to the game along with various bug fixes and performance improvements. Along with that, a new set of skins, the Nunca Olvidados Skinline was also added to the game. Here are the complete patch notes of the update.

Valorant | Episode 3 Act II Kickoff Trailer

Valorant | Episode 3 Act II Kickoff Trailer

Valorant 3.08 Update Patch Notes Today October 19


Persistent Report Feedback

  • Your reports matter, and we want you to know that! You will now be notified if we took action on one of your reports, whether you are offline or not.
  • If your client is up and running, you’ll receive a notification. If you’re offline at the time of action, fret not! You’ll receive your notification upon your return.


Level Border Customization

  • You will be able to equip any Account Level Border that has been unlocked ○ A tab has been added to Playercard selection.

Hide Account Level

  • It’s now possible to hide your Account Level when in a match with others who are not your friends

○ To enable, uncheck the box located in the Level Border tab.


Equippable Skin Levels

● You should be able to equip any skin level except on variants, which will always default to the max skin level.


  • Reduced instances where UI is invalidated

○ Basically, lowered the amount of times the UI needed to update itself, thus saving performance costs.

  • Optimized Viper’s Poison Cloud 1P HUD
  • Optimized Viper’s Pit 1P HUD
  • Optimized weapon and ability clipping plane calculations


  • Coaches now have the ability to swap to players with keybinds ○ Keybinds are 1-5 from left to right across the top HUD.
  • Coaches will now see a visual Picture-in-Picture (PIP) on the top player HUD to indicate who they are spectating
  • Coaches now inherit the setting to see player keybindings on the minimap, similar to Observers



  • The valves on Viper’s gloves now appear on the correct side of her hands in Left Hand



  • Weapon skins should now appear correctly in-game


  • Attackers at A Lobby in Split could previously hear gunshots from the A Ramps during the buy phase—this was unintended and is now fixed
  • Viper’s Ultimate will no longer spawn incorrectly when placed on top of the shipping crates on B site located on Icebox


  • You may have noticed if you shot certain walls repeatedly a blinding orb would appear—this was caused by bloom stacking infinitely and should now be fixed
  • Observers can now correctly see player outlines through barriers


  • Fixed hitch that could occur when Barrier Orb breaks
  • Fixed hitches for certain input prompts

Game System

● Fixed a bug where using Ping (Z) while defusing caused you to stop defusing

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